Sea freight

If you are looking for an affordable and secure way to import or export goods, sea freight is especially suitable for large and heavy consumer goods. Guided by your wishes, needs and location, OceanAir will choose the best option for transporting your goods by sea.

Inexpensive transport
Sea freight, OceanAir Forwarding’s main activity, is particularly suited for transport that has to be sent as economically as possible. Voluminous consumer goods, for instance, like furniture or machinery. In addition to extensive experience, OceanAir has a worldwide professional network. So we can offer the best option in terms of value for money and shipping time. Beforehand we assess your situation and needs accurately. Then we can arrange the transport from A to Z: anything from booking the container, handling of customs clearance, and - possibly multimodal - delivery of your goods.

Other services
Sea freight can include a range of services we can handle for you:

NVOCC operations
OceanAir Forwarding is FMC-certified and can operate as a shipping line without a ship. This means that we can issue our own Bills of Lading covering the transport. Also, in case of damage or defect, we will take the necessary steps on your behalf.

Project cargo
Often in projects, such as a trade show or sporting event, a quick temporary transport is needed, controlled safely. We know exactly what is involved in project cargo and think with you about the best possibilities.

Cross Trade transport
With our global network of qualified agencies, we can also offer cross-trade, that is transport from one foreign port to another.

It is also possible to pack multiple packages in a single container and send them together. This offers a solution if you do not have enough goods for a full container. Naturally, the coloaders we work with are all reliable partners.

Customs Clearance
Optionally, OceanAir can handle all you customs affairs. From the preparation of export and import documents, to assisting in obtaining forms and certificates.

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