If your goods have to be transported quickly, airfreight is the ideal option. OceanAir is specialized in air freight - import and export - to and from all destinations worldwide.

Quickly, professionally
Airfreight is fast transport. It is the best option for goods that have to arrive at their destination quickly. Also, goods that are valuable and or small in weight and volume can best be transported by plane. OceanAir, by way of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, is part of a professional, international network of air freighters. We are in close contact with all airlines and are always informed about the latest developments. If you aren’t sure if sea freight or airfreight is the right choice, we can advise you of the best possibility for your cargo.

Extra services
Naturally, we can handle any additional matters concerning the transportation of your goods, matters concerning customs clearance and transport insurance. We can offer a door-to-door service, involving matters like cargo packing, warehousing and distribution. In short, we can offer a range of transports and ‘add-ons’. We think about all possibilities, meeting your needs and wishes.

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