Intermodal transport

If you are looking for transport that is not only efficient, but also cost effective and with respect for the environment, there are several modes of transport at our disposal. From the port to the inland destination, we provide trucking, but also transport by barge or by train, or a combination of those. Especially for long distances, this can be an ideal solution.

Efficient transport
OceanAir transports your goods to the inland destination warehouse by barge or train. If particularly urgent, the transport can be carried ourt synchromodal: partly by barge or train, partly by truck. Our extensive network, our many contacts at all the inland depots can be used to transport your goods as efficiently as possible. Intermodal transport is stimulated by the government, since it relieves the sometimes busy roads. So there is often a financial benefit to it. And transport over water or by train knows no traffic jams.

Sustainable transport
Intermodal transport not only provides a financial advantage, it also fits well within corporate social responsibility. Transport by barge or train ensures lower CO2 emissions than transport by truck. OceanAir’s CO2 gauge is able to calculate the emissions from your transport. Through analysis, we can show the (decrease in) environmental impact.

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